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An Study on the Social Factors and Information Formality in the Knowledge Management

This paper investigates several psychological variables that have been recently introduced into the Information Systems (IS) literature, which enables us to more fully understand the important factors and dynamic relationships involved in goal commitment of the system implementation in the organization. A knowledge worker’s goal commitment is critical to the success of system implementation in the organization. This paper investigates an individual’s information formality motivation and social influence as important determinants in developing goal commitment in the system implementation based on the social psychology and information management literature. An empirical test of the proposed model was conducted in the field test. PLS was used to analyze the model and supported the validity of the results. Social influence and information formality influence knowledge worker’s goal commitment as expected. Social influence has the higher effects on goal commitment than information formality motivation. The results of this study help us understand the antecedents of goal commitment in the system implementation based on the social influence theory and personal information management model. Based on the test results of this study, IS practitioners will be able to understand the different roles of social and personal factors in developing successful system implementation. Keywords- Information Formality Motivation, Personal Information Management, Social Influence, System Implementation