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Effect of Paraffin Wax as Self Curing Agent in Recycled Aggregate based Self Compacting Concretes (SCC)

Curing of concrete involves maintaining satisfactory moisture content during the early ages in developing the desired properties. The present research analyses the influence of hydrophobic chemical as self-curing agent (Liquid Paraffin Wax Light and Heavy) in recycled aggregate based Self Compacting Concrete (SCC). The analysis comprises of understanding the effect of self-curing compound in terms of parameters like water retention, compressive strength, porosity and sorptivity. The compressive strength of self-cured specimens closely matched those of conventional water cured specimens. The optimum dosages of light and heavy Liquid paraffin wax were found to be 0.1% by weight of cement. It has been observed that the use of self-curing chemicals in SCC facilitated better hydration and helped in enhancement of strength and durability perspectives. Keywords- Self Compacting Concrete, Recycled Aggregate, Liquid Paraffin Wax, Compressive Strength, Sorptivity, Porosity