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The Effects of Different Warm-Up Protocols on Bench Press 1rm Performance in Sprint Kayakers

- In order to investigate the effects of different warm-up conditions on one repetition maximum (1RM) bench press performance in highly trained male sprint kayakers, 11 participants completed 1 RM bench press tests after 4 different general warm-up condition with a standardized bench press specific warm-up. The workloads of the warm-up protocols were individually designed according to the results of the incremental maximal kayak ergometer test which applied initially. The duration of the protocols were fixed as 15 min for each participant, but there were differences in the intensity of the warm-up. In data analysis, lactate, heart rate, rating of perceived exertion and bench press 1RM results were dependent variables and differences in these variables were compared using a linear mixed model analysis. A probability level of 0.05 was established to determine statistical significance. As a conclusion, employing low intensity warm-up with five supramaximal sprints substantially improved 1 RM bench press performance compared to other warm-up protocols. The suggested warm-up consisted of 15 minutes of low intensity (40% of Vo2Max) kayak ergometer paddling with five supramaximal sprints which lasts 10 seconds at the intensity of 200% of VO2Max, in the last 5 minutes of the paddling. Keywords - Continuous, Intermittent, Flatwater Kayak, Maximal Strength.