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Hydrologic Drought Investigation In The Kemer Dam Basin Using The Spi Method

Drought occurs during a specified period of time if the amount of natural water that is used by all living things and various systems is below long-term average or normal levels in a regional scale. The analysis of how the droughts can be caused by the lack of rain on the hydrologic systems of different regions might help define the drought events without predetermined time, duration and severity. Since Turkey is located on the semi-arid area of the world, drought frequently occurs at various periods. The Standard Precipitation Index (SPI) method is widely used on the drought researches. This method is very easy to apply since the only meteorological variable needed for it is precipitation. Another important advantage of it is the fact that is very flexible on the assessments of the drought on different timescales. In this research, a hydrological drought assessment in the Kemer Dam Basin will be made using the SPI method. The regionally averaged SPI time series at different time scales are used to determine the most appropriate time scale for monitoring hydrologic drought on river flows in the dam basin. The drought prediction for the basin will be very important in decreasing the effects of the drought and it will provide important data for the management of the sustainable water sources, aiding in the establishment of drought management plan for the basin. Key words- Hydrologic Drought, Kemer Dam, River Flow, SPI