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Variables In Self-Regulated Learning As Predictors Of Academic Achievement Of Psychology Students In Three Universities In Indonesia

This study examined the four variables of self-regulated learning, namely processing strategies, regulation strategies, mental models of learning, and learning orientations. The study constituents included 601 first year students (Female 81.70%; Male 18.3%) enrolled at Faculty of Psychology, in three universities in three big cities in Indonesia, Medan North Sumatra (n=263; 43.76%), Jakarta the capital city (n=214; 35.61) and Surabaya East Java (n=124; 20.63%). The range of the participants’ age was from 18 to 27 years, and the mean age was 18.94 years. Vermunt’s Inventory of Learning Styles (ILS) was implemented to measure the four variables of self-regulated learning. The result of this study revealed that the four variables of self-regulated learning were significant predictors of academic achievement. The study also showed the differences in the four variables of self-regulated learning in term of gender and the university. Keywords - Higher education, metacognition, self-regulation, academic achievement