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Stability Analysis For Solutions Of Cu-Water Nanofluid Flows In A Channel With Slowly Expanding Walls

This paper studies the stability of the triple solutions previously obtained by Raza et al. (2016) for the problem of flow and heat transfer of Cu-Water nanofluid in a channel with slowly expanding walls.Raza et al (2016) has successfully examined the occurrence of triple solutions for both cases of expanding and contracting walls. However, the stability analysis for the solutions obtained has not been considered. In order to perform the stability analysis, the unsteady case for the problem has been developed in this paper by introducing new dimensionless time variable. The equations are then solve numerically using bvp4c in Matlab. In this paper, the study is limited to the case of expanding walls and results show that only the first solution is stable while the remaining (second and third solution) are unstable. This study will complete the work of Raza et al. (2016) in terms on stability analysis for the multiple solutions occurred in the problem. Keyword - Stability Analysis; Triple solutions; Nanofluids; Channel; Expanding Walls.