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Determining Students’ Assessment Preferences

Practices and discussions on assessment in higher education have experienced significant changes in the manner in which assessment is perceived and how it is conducted. A number of novel techniques are now a common feature such as portfolios. Today assessment is no longer the purview of the teacher alone but has also been broadened to include peers and the student. This paradigm shift has been associated with the theoretical shift from behaviourism to constructivism. Since assessment, teaching and learning are intertwined, it can be argued that if teachers are aware of their students’ assessment preferences, they can use them to enhance students’ performance. The purpose of this study is therefore to gain an insight into students’ knowledge and understanding of assessment as well as their preferences. A questionnaire will be used as a data gathering tool which will be administered to first year students registered in the School of Management Sciences. The questionnaire will comprise Likert Scale, open and close ended questions. The findings and recommendations will be communicated to relevant stakeholders for the betterment of assessment practices. Keywords - Peer assessment, Self-assessment