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Student Empowerment From Family Who Stay In Rural To Use ITC To Increase E-Learning In Bogor Regency

Telecommunication and informatics access providers KPU / USO in the Universal Telecommunication Service Area (WPUT) is in the area between disadvantaged areas, remote areas, pioneering areas, rear areas, and areas where regional access is unfit and unreachable.This problem because the low level of equity development of communication and information access in the region.Besides that, the equal rights of all community groups to enjoy the ease of accessing and using information through the existence of information technology. The purpose of this study is to explain Universal Services Obligation policies in rural areas, to know students' interest in e-learning in rural areas, and to describe how ICT services are maintained in the village. The approach used is descriptive, and developmental. The samples of research are 250 respondents, while the data type are primary data and secondary data. Meanwhile, the data analysis used content analyis. The research results show that the procurement policy of Universal Services Obligation in rural areas has been done by the Ministry of Information and Communication of the Republic of Indonesia, students' interest in e-learning in rural areas is pretty high, and the way of maintenance and the introduction of computer equipment in rural areas has been done by the manager. Key Words - ITC USO, Student Interest on E-Learning, Introduction to Computer Devices