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Novel Combination Of A Hydrogen Storage Process Fuel Cell “Myrte” With An Adsorption Chiller

This paper presents a recovery solution of thermal energy produced by a PEM fuel cell by the mean of anadsorption cooling process for cogeneration purposes. The fuel cell considered is part of the MYRTE platform, a real-scale demonstrator of the University of Corsica that aims to produce and store photovoltaic electricity through hydrogen. The heat produced by the fuel cell is transferred to a cooling circuit of glycol-water that can reach a temperature of 70°C for a nominal electric power of 210 Kw. The recovery is performed by a 7Kw SorTech ACS 08 Silica-gel/water adsorption chiller capable of producing cold water at 10° C, when being fueled by hot fluid with a temperature range of 55- 75 ° C. Index Terms - Adsorption cooling, Cogeneration, Fuel Cell, Heat recovery, MYRTE Platform