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Design A Solar Energy Stove Using A Water Lens

Indonesia is a rich country in natural resources such as solar energy. Utilization of solar energy on a daily necessities are cooking. Such use can save up to 30-50% of LPG usage, which saves significant use on a national scale. Problems need to resolve is the use of solar energy for cooking function requires tools so as to produce a constant heating intensity, parabolic compact size for simple home. Authors are encouraged to make a study entitled Design A Solar EnergyStove Using A Water Lens. By using qualitative research methods in the form of experimental design in the realm of industrial design, to produce a prototype lens cookware and pans that can absorb heat from above. Obtained some of the conclusions in the study should consider the construction of the prototype parabolic lenses made of acrylic, shape precision focus corresponding parabolic shape, the distance of movement of the focal point. So that at the next study improvements that must be taken is the setting angle lens and lens tilt by a cover. Index terms - Experiment, lens, parabola, product design, sun energy.