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Determination of Water Deficit Tolerance of Some Pepper Genotypes

Water deficit is one of the main limiting factors affecting plant growth. Selection in water-limited environments can result in populations or species with suites of traits that improve their relative fitness in response to drought. Water deficit decreases yield and quality, therefore, it is important to identify genotypes that are tolerant to deficient irrigation conditions. In this study, the water-deficit tolerance of 69 pure pepper lines was determined. For this aim, experiments were conducted in the growth chamber and two different field conditions (Alata and Sanlıurfa) with control (100% normal irrigation) and water-deficit conditions (50% irrigation). Fruit weight, fruit length and fruit number were recorded. Pepper lines 1900, 896 A-W, 74, 760, 1560-W, 912 A-W, 405-A, 953-W, 226, 1105-W and 441 were determined to be most tolerant to water deficit. The results of this study show that these pepper lines can be used to develop cultivars which do not have yield losses at places which there is water deficit. Key words - Pepper, water deficit, screening