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Attitude towards Intention to Use Mobile-Based Teaching Assessment in relation to Technology Acceptance Model

The rapid growth of technology has ushered new applications which replace traditional methods. These include e-learning, e-health, etc. Mobile-Based Teaching Assessment (MBTA) has thus emerged as an alternative method for teaching assessment. The adoption of MBTA is driving by user’s intention to apply teaching assessment through technology. The objective of this paper is to explore the attitude of users towards the use of MBTA based on the Technology Acceptance Model. The article uses Partial Least Squares (PLS). The data were collected from 75 students and academic support using convenient sampling method. The results show that attitude has a significant positive impact on the intention to use MBTA. They suggest that 75 % of the variation of user's intention to use MBTA is explained by the attitude, while the evidence proved that TAM had pronounced the adoption of mobile-based teaching assessment (MBTA) in context of the academic arena. These findings highlight the significance of the proposed model. Keywords - Teaching Assessment in Mobile devices, Technology Acceptance Model, Partial Least Squares