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Adaptation of Nature Into Urban Life: An Extended Look At The Vertical Nature Unit

Day after day, the working citizens of urban life are faced with exceeding amounts of stress which may cause psychological disorders and various levels of depression. To undermine these disorders and to increase the wellbeing of working individuals and families, an invention which will allow them to interact with nature daily would provide a balance and source of natural happiness; at the same time, this balance of urban dwellers would enable them to work with more focus. If a small model nature unit can be created and put into the balconies or near the windows of city homes, by putting multiple vertical levels of aquaponic growth areas, aquarium(s), quail nest(s), quail incubators, or worm nest if preferred all on top of a base of approximately 1.5 meter squares, the vertical nature unit would give a glimpse of nature to urban life dwellers with fast-paced city life, and enable them to taste their evolutionary roots. In addition, if the plant fruits, seafood, and quail eggs in the unit are consumed, an urban home could become independent of supermarkets that are known to sell highly pesticide emitted and unhealthy food. The constructed and long-term tested vertical nature unit will be explained with its various facets, options to add as novel vertical layers, and how to test and alter pH levels of the water circulating within the system. There is also a part explicating how vertical nature unit can be used in cold climates such that the plants and animals within the system survive well, and serve as edible food and satisfy aesthetic purposes even in really low temperatures. Suggestions are presented in response to some issues faced within a urban home that has tested the vertical nature unit. There is also a section about the details of energy needs of the system. Index Terms - Urban Life, Nature, Vertical Levels, Adaptation, Depression, Life Balance, Urbanites, Aquaponics, Water Conservation