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Thermodynamic Modeling and Calculations of The Volume Change of Mixing for Binary Liquid Mixtures

Current work dedicated to the equations of state and mixing rules attest both to their practical importance and the subject’s theoretical value, as well as to the shortcomings of the methods most often employed. The calculations used to evaluate the potential of an oil or natural gas deposit and to improve exploitation, apply the equations of state derived from the van der Waals theory. The interaction parameters or correction factors evaluated by fitting are bound to give an error for different structures. In this paper, an equation derived from RK model has been developed and parameters evaluated by fitting experimental data. The average % error obtained is smaller than the error obtained from NRTL and PR models this can be attributed tothe assumption in the simpler equations of state such as PR and NRTL are not capable of representing highly non-ideal chemical systems, such as alcohol-water systems an average error of 0.3538% fora sample of 7 systems and 29 subsystems was obtained. The estimated values from this method seems to be reasonable and can be applied to determine the molar volumes of non-ideal liquid mixture. Index Terms - Non-ideal liquid mixtures, molar volume, Ping-Robinson, NRTL, Redlich-Kister expansion.