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The Relationship Between Supply Chain Management And Brand Equity Of Long Lablae Durian's Agriculture Business In Uttaradit Province, Thailand

This study aimed to investigate the relationship between supply chain management and brand equity of Long Lablae Durian's Agriculture Business in Uttaradit Province, Thailand. The study was conducted in two phases: phase one determined the research conceptual framework, and phase two tested the research hypotheses. The target population was 4,178 entrepreneurs, and in 2015, the sample was 365 entrepreneurs which were selected by using multi-stage random sampling. A questionnaire was used as a research instrument. Data was analyzed by SEM, Lisrel method. The research findings were as follows: 1) the linear structural relationship model was comprised of two components: supply chain management and brand equity, 2) the fit between the created model and the empirical data showed that they were a good fit (chi-square = 26.49, degree of freedom = 18, P-value = 0.089, GFI = 0.99, AGFI = 0.96). It can be expressed to follow on the supply chain management. It had a statistically significant direct effect on the brand equity, and the total effect was an equal 1.00. When considering the prediction power, the supply chain management could explain the variance of brand equity 100 percent. The recommendations of this study were as follows: 1) entrepreneurs should be aware to draw the consumer's’ perspective with trust; 2) the market information on quality of products had responsibility for information on returning products to the market; and 3) opening new marketing channels on Facebook or Line Application would increase the customer's needs and wants. Index terms - Supply chain management, brand equity, Long Lablae Durain's Agriculture Business