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Reliability Analysis of Dumper in Lime Stone Mine Based on Weibull Distribution

The limestone mining industry involved in extracting limestone as the main source of cement manufacturing which contributes to national development. To increase the productivity, efficiency and performance of the limestone mines depend on the reliability and maintainability characteristics of the dumpers. In this paper, the reliability study of dumper used in a limestone mine at Bhogasamundarm area, Anantapur district, India, based on the available historical failure data of the dumper. Here reliability of the dumpers is calculated using the Weibull parameters such as  and shape parameters with respect to cumulative probability function (CFD) i.e. Reliability and unreliability, probability density function (PDF) and failure rate by using the Isograph Reliability Workbench and Bernad’s approximation method. The final results show that after knowing the reliability of dumpers in limestone mine at different time intervals of breakdown and proposed preventive maintenance hours for each dumper, for improving the reliability increased from 49.88% to 80%. Keywords- Surface Mine, Limestone mine, Reliability, Maintainability, Dumper, Downtime/failure time, Shape parameters ), Failure rate.