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Cutting Edge Preparation

Proper selection and application of cutting tool edge preparation is considered one of the basic ingredients for a successfully manufactured and correctly performing hardmetal-cutting tool. It is widely known it's also called, of cutting tool edges can significantly increase the life of cutting tools by as much as 300% or more! Other benefits may include reduced cycle times of the cutting operation for the end user as a result of less chipping and a cooler running tool. Additionally, a better surface finish is obtained on the material being cut, thus the possibility of further cost & time reductions to the tool end user. The discussion is aimed at the process of Nylon Abrasive Filament brush honing and how it affects the tool as an end product. It also identifies some of the manufacturing related pitfalls and the problems that can drive manufacturing costs. Keywords- Adhesion, Bristles, Honing and Micro-topography.