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Assessment of First Year Student’s Perceptions on E-Learning in A Developing Country

The use of electronic learning (e-learning) systems in universities to deliver teaching and learning contents has increased in the recent years. The increase can be attributed to the use of Internet and information and communication technology (ICT) devices, which results in different perceptions to students, since it requires students to have some skills to operate technological devices and systems. This study context is on e-learning (Efundi) which supports the learning of students that aims to eliminate the student’s communication barriers, miscommunication while saving them time and provides multiple resources to support their learning process. Two hundred and ninety-six of students (296) first year students participated in this study offering their perception about e-learning. Results indicated that students are more positive about e-learning (Efundi), all students are able to access Efundi, while the lecturers also plays important role to assist them and students believes that Efundi is an advanced learning systems that saves time and cost and also benefits them. While few of the students are facing challenges when utilizing Efundi. Index terms - E-learning system, first year students, perception, ICT, Internet, Efundi, E-learning