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Food Sets in Suan Sunandha Palace

The purpose of this research was to study the identity of the royal family. With the data collection tools from the evidence. Research Methodology 1) Identity of Thai food. Feature The benefits Artistic / cultural values And the value of Thai medicine. Analyze data using content analysis. 1. Attribute Thai food: One set of Thai food consists of at least seven types of food: rice, spicy rice, rice and jasmine rice, snacks, sarongs and muaythai. The taste is sweet and sour, sweet, spicy, very careful cooking. Cooks must have science and adaptable art. The decorations are matched with each other, so often carved on special occasions. 2. The benefits of the smell of spices and herbs. There are several sets of desserts available. Consumers get enough nutrients. Complete all five groups. 3. Artistic / cultural values Aesthetically Visible and mentally, before the taste. Cultural value Incorporation of traditional Thai style, convenient to eat, seasonal and art on benjarong. 4. The value of Thai traditional medicine. In the body, we consist of four elements, water, wind, fire, when the four elements in the body balance. People are rarely sick. In the absence of balance, illness often arises from illnesses caused by individual health deficiencies. In order to prevent potential illnesses, adjusting the dietary habits of everyday people. By using the flavors of diet medicine to balance the body to prevent illness. 2) The study of one-dinning culinary cooking conducted a study on the acceptance of 15 consumers with a randomized trial. 9-point Hedonic scale was used to analyze the data using the statistical program. The research found that the selection of raw materials and cooking of the palace. Kapi must come from the canal. Chili is derived from some elephants. The results of the sensory acceptance study showed that mean, percentage, and standard deviation were found. The test taker is at level 8.4. Mostly, the color of the test taker is at 8.6. Most like the smell of the test taker at level 8.3. Very much like the taste of the test taker at level 8.5. Most liked. The test subjects were 7.9, very much liked and overall liking. Most Favorite 8.6 Keywords - Identity , Thai Foods , Authentic Thai Cuisine ,Sunandha Wang cuisine