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Study Model Health Care of Diabetes Mellitus (Madhumeho) Patients in Thai Traditional Medicine Theory

- This qualitative research aimed to gather information regarding diabetes from a source of primary data, the Royal Book of Medicine, and to obtain expert opinions on the treatment of the disease. The result is Traditional Thai diabetes believes that. The function of the pitta is the Patta-Pitta(Bile in the pod), which is the system of the liver. Pancreas to create various water. To be used for various purposes by the body. Apatta-Pitta (Bile outside the pods) is the work of another type of water that is spread throughout the body without storage. Kamdaow (Temperature) is a small process that can make the body perform at the most subtle level. Treatment by exercise to stimulate the fire element and stimulate circulation. And adjusting consumption behavior when sputum aggravates, so we should eat fire-rich food is spicy, to nourish the soil and water to not spoil and to promote the energy to drive. Circulation Air, bitter taste, rich in ethereal and wind elements, so should be consumed. In patients with severe symptoms, these bodies should adjust the behavior of consuming bitter foods in order to open the passage of sputum in the body. And the wind element stimulates the energy to flow. It is expected that the findings can help to build on future research and application in clinical medicine. Keywords - Diabetes mellitus, Madhumeho, Applied Thai Traditional Medicine, Thai Traditional Medicine.