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Lipase gene fragment analysis fromalcaligenes sp. Jg3bacterium

The designed primer pair F4 5’-GTCTACAGCAATCCCAAGAC-3’ and R4 5’-GGAGGGGTAAATCCACAGTT-3’ were able to amplify 0.4 kb lipase gene fragment from Alcaligenes sp.JG3 bacterium. PCR amplification underwent process consist of predenaturation at 95 °C for 5 minutes followed by 35 cycles of denaturation at 95 °C , annealing at 52 °C and extension at 72 °C for 1 minute each. The last extension was prolonged for 5 minutes. The alignment analysis showed that the homology of 0.4 kb lipase JG3 towards lipase gene fromAlcaligenes faecalis subsp. faecalis NCIB 8687 was up to 87.74% and had the highest percent identity toward Alcaligenes faecalis strain BDB4 genome (99%). Further investigation of its 3D protein structure indicate that this particular fragment classified as hydrolase protein. Therefore, the 0.4 kb fragment is likely to be the part of the putative lipase gene from Alcaligenes sp. JG3 bacterium. Keywords- Alcaligenes sp. JG 3, Lipase Gene, PCR