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Anti-alopecia activity of dadap (erythrina variegata l.)Leavesethanol extract

Objective - This study aims to determine and verify the use of ethanol extract of Erythrinavariegata leaves ethanol extract as stimulant of hair growth or anti-alopecia. Methods - The E. variegate leaves was collected from Salawu tribe, Tasikmalaya, West Java. The extraction was done by maceration which was based on standard method of Indonesian Herbal Pharmacopeae. The viscous concentrated extract was fractionated by liquid-liquid extraction. Phytochemical screening according to the Farnsworth method. Method of hair growth on Angora type rabbit was modified of Tanaka method. Results - The results of phytochemical screening using Farnsworth method showed the ethanol extract containing secondary metabolite of tannin compound, polyphenol, steroid, triterpenoid, quinone, monoterpenoid and sesquiterpenoid. The results of hair fertilizer testing using Tanaka method showed that ethanol extract and water extract with 20%, 15%, 10% concentration significantly could fertilize hair with test for 18 days. Extracts of ethanol with levels greater than 10% showed better results. Water fraction of 10% appeared to show the best result for rabbit hair growth overcome minoxidil. Conclusions - This work found that the concentration of 10% ethanol extract of Erythrinaariegata and its water fractions were affective for hair growth on male rabbits. It was suggested, however, for further study to determine the compound which was responsible by using elucidation methods . Keywords - Hair fertilization, ethanol extract, Erythrina variegata, hair grower, Alopecia, phytochemical screening