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Participatory Local Economic Development Model based on Ecology, Fisheries, and Agrotourism in Kebumen Regency

Development requires the collaboration of various components including a) natural resources; b) capital or investment resources; c) human resources and d) technology and expertise. One of the important elements of regional development is the participatory nature of local economic development. The utilization of local resources basically includes physical, human and institutional resources. The main objective of this research is to formulate a model of participatory and inclusive economic development by optimizing the potential of local resources in Kebumen. Specific objectives in the first year are to 1) identify the local resource-based economic potentials owned by Kebumen that can be developed into a pilot project in the development of ecology, fisheries, and agrotourism; 2) analyze the factors influencing the increase of community participation in ecological, fishery and agrotourism development activities; 3) analyze the development process of each sub-district in Kebumen. This study uses mixed method analysis, with descriptive analysis tools, Geographic Information System (GIS), Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Klassen Typology to analyze development outcomes and gaps in each sub-districts in Kebumen. Kebumen economic potential lies on the natural resources including forestry, agriculture, fishery, plantation, and livestock husbandry. These potentials need to be developed thoroughly from upstream to downstream. In detail, upstream-downstream development includes ecotourism, a nature-based tourism, so that upstream must be prepared with natural conservation combined with affordability access. The concept of back to nature developed in ecotourism needs to be supported by the provision of facilities and infrastructure that allows visitors to safely approach and enjoy the beauty of nature. Downstream, the provision of tourism supports such as Kebumen culinary and souvenirs and the involvement of all elements of society, especially those in the vicinity of tourist sites, become an important part of this development. Keywords - Participatory, Development Model, Ecology, Fisheries, Agrotourism