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Teaching Translation Of Commercial Texts

Teaching, as a crucial part of education, has witnessed changes during the last three decades. It is the role of teachers today to make use of all available strategies to enhance teaching process, one of which is the use of technological gadgets in teaching. Why this is because today's learners are influenced by technology and its means. Hence, this paper is focused on how to teach translating commercial contracts for university undergraduates. It could help students acquire much on how to understand, analyze and then translate commercial texts successfully. It is of high significance to promote active learning via stimulating discussion. Teachers, across the world, are responsible for bringing all learners together to share ideas and get the suitable product, in our case, translation. Commercial texts need efforts from both teachers and learners alike, they should exert all efforts to make teaching and learning process of translating legal texts attainable. Index Terms: Teaching, Translating, Technological Gadgets And Commercial Contracts.