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Effect of Modified Arrowroot Starch With Squash on Functional Biscuits Characteristics

Indonesia is the second wheat importer in the world, there is 7.1 million ton in 2013. Effort to reduce wheat importedis necessary. It is well known that modifiedlocal tuber starch is able to solve this problem. Arrowroot starch is one of modified starch which successfully proven as applicable resistant starch (RS). This research aimed to investigate the effect of modified arrowroot starch with squash on functional biscuits characteristics. Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with 6 treatment was applied. The treatment consisted of squashflour proportion (0%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%), wheat and arrowroot starch (as the comparison). While, the parameter consisted of vitamin A, physical and chemical properties, and organoleptic. The result showed that modified arrowroot starch with squash gave significantly impact on vitamin A, colour, texture, taste and chemical taste. While, the finding also showed that modified arrowroot starch with squash gave insignificant effect on appearance, water,ash, protein, fat and carbohydrates. The modified arrowroot starch (75%) with squash (25%), showed markedly the highest (424.02 µg/g) of The vitamin A values of functional biscuits. The best treatment shown in K3 (arrowroot starch 80% with squash 20%) which had water content (12.78%), hardness (3.70 N), ash (15.39%), and protein (3.27%) sequentially. In addition, in the organoleptic test showed that appearance of 2.3 (means interesting) , aroma of 3.15 (means savory), and the texture of 3.70 (means soft). Overall result proved that modified arrowroot starch with squash promotes the functional biscuits characteristics which preferably by panelist. Keywords - Modified arrowroot starch, squash, functional biscuits