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An Appraisal of Leadership and Organizational Efficiency Experience

Out of parochial view, some people treat “managership” and “leadership” as inseparable and interwoven. This indeed is wrong as the two needs to be separated and distinguished. Logically, there exist leaders of unorganized groups, but managers, however, can only exist where organized structures create roles. Isolating leadership from managership has profound analytical benefits. Indeed, it enables leadership to be given in-depth study without the infiltrations of qualifications that has to do with the issue of managership. Generally, leadership is an important aspect of managing. This paper examines the entire organizational status, to know whether the ability to lead effectively is one of the keys to being an effective manager that is, routinely handling all essential components of managing. Also, this article peeked at leadership styles to know whether they influence organizational efficiency or otherwise. On the whole, the discovery of this paper is that leadership is an essential component of managership. It is the willingness to follow that makes an individual a leader, and that no organizational success can be recorded without the drive, initiative and direction of good leadership inbuilt with good styles of leadership. Yes! Effective leadership propels subordinates to achieve corporate goals. This is the intriguing reality of this discourse. key words- Appraisal, Leadership, Organizational, Efficiency, Experience.