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Identification The Critical Lean Wastes In Food Company Using Ranking Method For Better Lean Tools Selection

As Malaysia is growing rapidly towards industrialization, it is not hard to forsee the importance of implementing an effective lean tool to improve the productivity and contributes to the growth of industries. However, very few amount of research is done in relation with lean manufacturing in Malaysia especially food manufacturing. This study intended to determine the critical lean wastes that impede the manufacturing performance in the selected food manufacturing company from Cemerlang Industrial Park. Company x is a bakery production company that produced variety type of products such as cookies, biscuit, cake and others pastry. The purpose of this study, ranking methods were used to determine the critical lean wastes and identify the suitable lean tools for implementation. The data collection instrument is using quantitative methods which distribute questionnaire to target respondents using random sampling. Respondents are medium to high level production employees from different department in the company. The target population is 70 people, while the sample size is 58. The data were analyzed through SPSS software and result showed that the targeted food manufacturing company lean wastes were Waiting, Unnecessary Motion and Unnecessary Inventory. Beside this, the Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) method was chosen to be most suitable lean tool for implementation. This study will help the company to stay competitive in the industry. Keywords - Lean manufacturing wastes, food industry, lean tool selection, SMED.