Paper Title
“Western Theories on Conflict Resolution and Peace Building: A Critique”

This paper focuses on reviewing and analyzing critically the academic and scientific efforts that are related to; first- Peace theory, second- Coexistence ideologies and policies, such as; collectivism,globalism vs. universalism, and pluralism vs. multiculturalism.It aims at exploring strengths and weaknesses in terms of practice. The main hypothesis that it tries to test its validity is that there is a need, on theory and practice levels, for a new perspective on conflict resolution and peacebuilding in international relations. The methodology in this paper is not limited to the narrative review, which means explaining the background, and presenting the aim, the focus, the main aspects, and the findings of each ideology and theory, but it surpasses this step to the clarification of a specific critical position towards them and the analysis of their effects. Index Terms - Identity- Conflict Management- Conflict Resolution- Peacebuilding.