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Influence of Laser Scanning Speed on The Rotary Wear Behaviour of Deposited Ti6al4v Alloy and Cu

Laser metal deposition (LMD) is an additive manufacturing technology that involves the combination of metallic powder and laser beam for its consolidation. The process parameters involved in LMD need to be well understood and implemented correctly before the optimal process can be achieved. This paper reports the effect of scanning speed on the wear behaviour of laser deposited samples. The rotary wear method was adopted in order to understand the relationship in the radii of the wear track. The scanning speeds were varied from 0.0083 m/sec to 0.0333 m/sec while the laser power of 1.0 kW, the powder flow rate of 1 rpm and the gas flow rate of 2 l/min were kept constant. Some lateral cracks were observed in the microstructure which was due to the effect of the thermal stress that was induced during cooling. The laser deposited samples are suitable for repair in marine industry as the manufacturing process will provide a great control to the desired material properties with superior performance. Keywords - Cu, laser metal deposition, wear measurement, SEM, Ti6Al4V alloy