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The Effect of Structure Submerged Un Symmetric to The Semi Circle Model Against Reflection of Waves

A reflection of a wave is a reflection of a wave that occurs when a wave is coming against a wall or a barrier. The problem of wave reflection is very important in coastal building planning especially port. The water in the harbor pool should be calm so the ship can dock. To get the calm in the harbor pool, then must be made buildings that can absorb energy or destroy wave energy. Breakwaters are buildings that serve to absorb or destroy wave energy. One form of the breakwater is a sinking wave breaker. The wave breaker is a wave breaker in which the muted wave is permitted to crush over the construction. The purpose of this research is to understand wave reflection with unsymmetrical sink structure. This research is done with a wave breaker model that is semicircle model. The model will be arranged asymmetrically to see the effect of wave reflection changes across the model. The results of this study indicate that the reflection coefficient value with a density of 4 x 6 cm, 6 x 9 cm and 8 x 12 cm is inversely proportional to the wave steepness value (Hi / L). The larger the density of the model, the greater the reflection coefficient. Keywords- Submerged Breakwater, The Arrangement Is Not Symmetrical, The Reflection Coefficient