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Water Quality Study of Karajae River Estuary At Tidal Condition

A river is one of the surface water that can be used as a raw water source that is commonly used by the Regional Water Company (PDAM) in Indonesia. One of the alternative sources planned river of raw water in the city of Parepare is Karajae River where interaction between freshwater and seawater occurs. These interactions will affect the spread of salinity. The research used was survey method. There were 10 sampling point with a distance between of 100 meters each point. The location is about 3.6 KM from the beach. The water samples taken directly to the laboratori and immediate tested in less than 24 hours. Sampling was done 1 time and carried out during the rainy season in a state of high tide and low tide. The results showed that the water quality in the Karajae river during the rainy season is still meet the water quality standards in accordance with Regulation No. 82 of 2001.The maximum turbidity standard is 3.64 NTU, the maximum salinity is 26.96 mg/L, the temperature is 28-32 oC, and pH of 6.5-7.8 mg/L. So the raw water quality of Karajae River is in accordance with the regulation. There are no significant differences in each point of observation at high tide and at low tide. Keywords- Karajae River, Water Quality, Salinity, Tidal