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The Nutrient Analysis in Organic Liquid Fertilizer (Olf) from Tilapia Fish (Oreochromismossambicus) Waste

Inprevious study, the testing of media growth on local Jackfruit seedlings from Central Sulawesi,called Tulo-5 and Beka-3were concluded that the mixture of manure and sand as a media growth produced a good growth. To maintain the continuity of growing from these seeds need further fertilizer from organic material as a part of a local wisdom in Central Sulawesi area. Therefore, the objective on this research is to make organic liquid fertilizer (OLF)from local Tilapia fish (Oreochromismossambicus)waste by using atraditional fermentation technology and to analyze micro nutrients of Zn, Mn, Fe,Cu, Ni, Co elementsand macro nutrient of N,P,K elementsby using Kejdhal and spectrophotometry method.The sample was divided into 3 parts for the analysis of the nutrients. First, base on the micro and macro nutrients content after making the OLF.Second,base on the kind of local Tilapia fish which was taken from Lindu Lake and Kabonenafresh water fish-culture area.Last, the OLF made from thetraditional fermentation process byadding the bacterial feeding and without adding. After analyzingall the nutrients base on that three parts,it had been found thatthenutrient levels inmost part of organic liquid fertilizerfrom the waste of Tilapia fish met thegeneral quality standard level of the OLF. Keywords- Nutrients Analysis,Tilapiafish Waste, Organicliquid Fertilizer (OLF)