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Urban Water Security Analysis Based On Fuzzy Comprehensive Evalucation Model

In this paper, we are trying to propose the concept of urban resiliency to solve the problem of urban water security. We develop a comprehensive framework to examine and measure the integrated urban resiliency which is shaped by four interacting domains. They are water volume resiliency, stability-resiliency, service function resiliency, and organizational structure resiliency. The approach Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model (FCE) was adopted for the evaluation of its role to assess urban resiliency.The result indicates that the integrated urban resiliency is mainly affected by the organizational structure resiliency in the four domains.Recommendations for improving the urban resiliency of different sub-levels are made to help guide the decision-makers to adjust urban water management governance approaches to local conditions. Keywords - Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model, urban resiliency, urban water security, cluster analysis, sponge city.