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Stability or Rollover Resistance of Agricultural Truck using Finite Element Analysis

This study studied stability or rollover resistant of agricultural truck manufactured by Anan Karn Chang Agriculture Truck in Chatturat district, Chaiyaphum province, Thailand, using FEA software. 3-D beam element was used under linear elastic homogeneous material behavior assumption. Refer to TIS 1315-2538 (Thai Industrial Standard, Agricultural vehicles: farm trucks, Ministry of Industry) rollover angle was not less than 40 degree. After analyzing rollover resistant of agricultural truck by considered the reaction force of wheel tries. It was found that reaction force was 929.7 N. Reaction force when tilt 40 degree was more than zero and it was said that rollover at 40 degree was not happened. By this way, this study will be beneficial for the safety of agricultural truck user and will be beneficial to the agricultural truck manufacturer for design and development process. Index terms - Agricultural Truck, Finite element analysis, Rollover, Truck Stability, Static stability factor.