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Contribution of Avicennia Marina Mangrove to Wave Reduction for the Importance of Abrasion as an Alternative to Coastal Buildings

Mangrove ecosystems have ecological functions and physical protection functions to the coast. Mangrove function can perform wave attenuation naturally. The purpose of this research are : (1). To know the function of Avicennia marina mangrove to wave attenuation. (2). To obtain the function of wave attenuation for alternative coastal buildings. Research located in Lampung Mangrove Center (LMC) Lampung University, East Lampung Regency, Indonesia. Wave attenuation measurements carried out on the thickness of 3m, 5m, 10m, 20mand50m. The instrument for measured wave are used the type SBE26 and RBRDUO T.D., cooperation between DISHIDROS TNI Navy with the University of Lampung. The measurement method was done directly at the station point. The conclusion of this research are: (1)Avicennia marina mangrove at a distance of 0 - 50 m capable of performed wave attenuation ranges from 60% to 98%.(2) Obtained a wave attenuation formula of thickness, is ΔH = -0,022x2 + 0,259x + 0,393, Avicennia marina mangrove can be used as a natural breakwater and environmentally friendly. Keywords - Mangrove; Avicennia marina; Ecocity; Wave reduction; East Lampung