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The Role of the Arabic Language E-moderator in the Virtual Learning Environment

This paper examines Arabic instructors’ perceptions of their role as e-moderators at university level in the United States. It reflects the technological tools they implement in their online curriculum and their beliefs about the importance of the integration of technology to enhance Arabic learners’ Foreign Language (FL) skills in the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at university level. The data presented is from a study in which a mixed-method approach is used to obtain an understanding of Arabic teachers’ attitudes toward the use of technology in the second language classroom, including the VLE. To gain greater depth of the teachers’ perceptions of their roles as e-moderators in the VLE. An in-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted with eleven of the 106 participating instructors. Hence the significance of this paper is to provide contribution and support to the progress of the teaching and learning of Arabic as a FL in the VLE in the United States in the 21st Century. Index Terms - Arabic as Foreign Language, Computer-assisted Language Learning, Online curriculum, Role of E-moderators, Virtual Learning Environment, Technological tools.