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Study On Agriculture Land As A Factor Of Production And Its Use In Republic Of Tajikistan

This article is devoted to the analysis of land as a factor of production. The empirical method of analysis gave us possibility to reveal the tendency of reduction of arable land spots, which is the most valuable source of land for the agricultural sector, and significantly important than other categories of agricultural sector. This trend indicates that users of arable land, hayfield and pastures, and especially small scale farmers, do not have the right capacity to fully cultivate arable lands and hayfields, and this is creating a ground for their transfer into a lode land (abandoned) or into other lower categories of land. In this connection, we can conclude that on the basis of cause-effect reasons, the problem in Tajikistan is not a lack of this factor, but its inefficient and irrational use practices. Through effective use of existing land and natural resources, we may expand and increase the production capacities of Tajikistan. Key words - Land, factors of production, natural resources, arable land, and lode lands (abandoned).