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Effect Of Air Entrainment On Compressive Strength, Density And Ingredients Of Concrete

The micro air bubbles in concrete mix act as fine aggregates which lead to reduction of the aggregates. The reduction of fine aggregates will cause reduction of water required for concrete mix without impairing the strength of concrete mix. This reduction has to be considered in designing an air entrained concrete mix. Theoretical (equations) and experimental study have been carried out to study the effect of air entrainment on compressive strength, density and ingredients of fresh concrete mix. During all the study, water cement ratio (w/c) was maintained constant at 0.5 to study the affection of air entrainment (a%) on concrete mix. The results have shown substantial decreasing in cement, water, aggregates and concrete density followed with decreasing in compressive strength of concrete. The results of this study has given more promising to use it as a guide for concrete mix design to choose the most appropriate concrete mix design economically. Keywords - Air entrainment, Effect of air entrainment, Concrete Compressive Strength, Ingredients of Concrete.