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Study On The Microstructures And Brazing Conditions Of Titanium Alloys

Titanium alloys have good mechanical and chemical properties for aerospace and biomedical materials. For using titanium alloys, the manufacturing processes like machining, surface treatment and welding have to be developed. Especially, brazing is one of the most important processes for making parts. Titanium alloys are mostly brazed with same or similar titanium alloys in previous researches. But, for making special parts, dissimilar brazing process has to be needed for titanium alloys and other materials. In this study, titanium alloy substrate was brazed with Fe-Ni-Co alloy using various filler metals. For an optimized brazing condition, various filler metals are used. Microstructures are observed for each condition. Filler metals are Ti-based 40Ti-20Zr-20Cu-20Ni, Ag-based Ag-5Pd, and Ni- based Ni-7Cr-3.1B-4.5Si-3Fe-0.06C (BNi2) and Ni-14Cr-10P-0.06C (BNi7). To select a good filler metal for brazing process, wetting test was performed at 880-1050 ° C. It was not brazed using silver based filler metals, but the conditions using Ti- and Ni-based filler metals have brazed zone between titanium alloy and Fe-Ni-Co alloy. However, titanium alloy was eroded during brazing using Ti-based filler metals. Ni-based filler metal has a good brazed zone between titanium alloy and Fe-Ni-Co alloy among the filler metals Keywords - Brazing Conditions, Titanium Alloy