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The Effects Of Asean Free Trade To Rice Farmers Of Dontume District, Nakornpratom Province

Free trade is often considered as a good policy. In fact, there are both positive effects and negative effects of free trade. The purposes of this research were to investigate the understanding of rice farmers about the effects of free trade, to study the effects of free trade on rice farmers, to study the ways to prepare and adapt of rice farmers to the effects of free trade, and to study problems and obstacles on the needs and wants of rice farmers. Population included all rice farmers in Dontume district, Nakornpratom province. Stratified sampling method was utilized to obtain 156 sample groups. The benefits of this research included the understanding of both positive and negative effects of free trade to rice farmers and to provide a recommendations for rice farmers and policy makers to improve their ways of agriculture and trade to benefit more from free trade. Keywords- Rice Farmers, Free Trade, Effects of Policy