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Modern Agricultural Technology Affects The Quality Of Life Of Sustainable Farmers

Thailand is a land of agriculture and it is important to develop a modern agricultural technology. The sustainable quality of farmers life can be improved by many factors. The purposes of this research were to study the different level of technology of farming, production, harvesting, and quality of life of longan producers and to study the influence of technology of farming, production, harvesting to the quality of life for sustainable farmers. The assumption based on the quality of life of farmers depends upon many factors such as economy, social, environment, technology of farming, technology of production, and technology of harvesting. This was mixed research between quantitative and qualitative method. Purposive sampling, snowball sampling, and cluster sampling were utilized to gain 395 sample group from the population of 32,500 longan farmers. The findings from this study would be an information that can help to improve the quality of life of longan farmers. Keywords- Modern Agricultural Technology, Quality of Life, Farmers