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Blended Collaborative Learning: A comparative study of face-to-face and online students’ and teacher’s practices

The blended collaborative learning and teaching approach is fast getting more popular in higher education, and its impacts on students’ and teachers’ involvements are yet to be fully explored. A very few research has been carried out to contextualize the learning and educating impacts of this instructing and learning approach. This paper gives a report of a qualitative study of the experiences of concurrently teaching online and face-to-face students in a university wide entrepreneurship development studies course. It expects to increase enhanced understandings of the effects on the students’ learning and teacher’s instructing in regarding three dimensions: instructional, social and learning, in the introduction of information and communication technology. This paper emphasizes on the capability of blended collaborative teaching and learning impacts for quality educational experiences. The result of this study shows that there were distinctive educating and learning impacts on the blended collaborative synchronous teaching; it also shows that an unforeseen form of interactions occurred in the blended collaborative communication; and then it also shows that both the face-to-face and online students accomplished comparative learning results. This paper concludes that higher institutions that are embracing and implementing the blended collaborative learning need to give adequate support to both the teachers and students in the instructional, social and learning dimensions. Keywords: Collaborative learning, blended learning, Online learning, face-to-face learning, teacher’s experiences