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Application of Theories of Regulation and Accident Causation to Justify and Prevent Unsafe Use of Pesticide by Farmers in Mauritius

Improper and unsafe use of agrochemicals, especially pesticides as such is not only harmful to environment but also human health. Pesticides cause 14 per cent of all known occupational injuries in agriculture and 10 per cent of all fatal injuries (WHO, 2004). It is observed that more than 75 per cent of farmers used either “moderately hazardous” or “highly hazardous” pesticides as classified by World Health Organisation (WHO). The relationship between the extent and the practices followed in pesticide use and signs and symptoms of illnesses due to exposure among farmers is pragmatic. As Agriculture is one of societal activities greatly affected by global warming and environmental degradation, anthropogenic activities like increasing use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers as well as the lack of appropriate policies and technologies are globally common stressors on ecosystem and human health. It is noticed that certain level of education and experience has contributed significant knowledge on safe use of pesticides. But no such practice has been identified which tells the need of special training to implement known safety measures rather than knowing further. This paper is focused on the use of theories of regulation and accident causation to justify and prevent unsafe use of pesticide by farmers in Mauritius. It intends to contribute for the literature on need for extremely a motivational programme rather than awareness programme among the farmers in Mauritius. Keywords - Pesticide, knowledge, awareness, practice, stressors, health, eco system.