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Students’ Group Behaviors Based On Social Network Analysis

Tracking interactions on Collaborative Learning Environments (CLEs), with an increasing number of collaborative tools, offering a real time support for students, is one of the most intense and exhaustive challenges that online teachers face. The main objective of this work was to investigate how a broad approach for monitoring social interactions in CLEs can positively support the monitoring of students’ group behaviors by teachers. This work validated two hypotheses through an empirical experiment that verified an increase of the teachers’ awareness about students’ group behaviors when supported by the Amadeus-SIMM, as well as, an increase of the group cohesion and a decrease of the group homogeneity. This work tried to contribute for the computer supported collaborative learning area offering a support to the teaching presence among the great volume of interactions in order to provide a more active posture of the teacher in online environments. Index Terms - Collaborative Learning Environments, E-learning, Students’ Group Behaviors and Social Network Analysis.