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Photocatalytic Treatment Of Wastewater Of Fruit Juice Industry Using Nano Particles Of Fe3o4/Sio2/Tio2

The aim of this study is to reduce the COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) of diluted wastewater of Iranian fruit juice industry. The experiments were carried out in a laboratory-scale using a Plexiglas slurry reactor of a capacity of 2 liters under 450 rpm stirring at room temperature and UV irradiation. Fe3O4/SiO2/TiO2 nano particles with a well-defined core-shell structure was prepared by sol-gel method and used as photocatalyst. The effect of important photocatalytic reaction parameters including pH, dose of catalyst, irradiation power and time of reaction were examined. Response surface methodology (Box-Behnken Design) was applied to optimize the conditions for the reduction of COD in wastewater. At the optimum conditions pH=5, with 275 mg of photocatalyst under 14.5 W of irradiation and 97 min COD removal of 75.16% was achieved. Index Terms - Fe3O4/SiO2/TiO2, wastewater of fruit juice industry, photocatalytic treatment, COD reduction.