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Users View On Marketer-Generated Content

With the vigorous development of social media, entertaining video content on the Internet has attract more and more people watching, which contains a huge marketing business opportunity has also become a hot topic. Compared with the traditional media, social media can identify the information of personal marketing which based on the users, to enhance advertising efficiency. But most small company owners have limited understand about online marketing, further more due to less money, low visibility and information Inadequate, it can’t fully use the network for marketing. The purpose of this paper is to explore how users view on Marketer-Generated Content by analyzes their Characteristics and differences, through the analysis of seven blocks, identity, conversations, sharing, presence, relationship, reputation and groups, and by previous research to do the questionnaire, to investigate, help the result can be able to provide a reference to the enterprises. Keywords - Social media, Marketer-generated content, Users view, YouTube.