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Mob Frenzy and Lynching…#Not In My Name

We, the people have been witnessing remorseless, cold blooded series of mob lynching in the country. Such merciless display of gory bloodshed has now become a public spectacle and caught the media glare. People are lynched under the pretext of being ‘beef eaters’, ‘child lifters’, ‘practitioners of witch craft’, ‘Romeos’, ‘anti-nationalists’, ‘blasphemous’ and so on. A Facebook or memes post can also invite the ire of radical outfits and the law of the land goes for a toss. Marauding mobs or vigilantes chase helpless individuals and assign them to death. This could happen on the streets, in the trains, in pubs, in university hostels and more often in villages. Social networking sites show horrific visuals of blood-soaked bodies of human beings and twitteratis indulge in verbal spat over the issue. Some consider it to be grotesque and insensate while few others consider it a trivial issue blown out of proportion. Few leaders deny the occurrence of such incidents, call it media hype and even tend to compare the statistics of lynching in their reign with that of the previous one. The loquacious leaders blame the media for being selectively outrageous -You reported X why you chose to be silent when Y happened. Attempts are made to give communal colour to such incidents. In the cacophony of intellectual debates involving presstitutes, libtards, brash news anchors, radicals and so on, justice dodges. Almost all of them have differing opinions but no unanimous solution to remedy the hopeless situation. Perhaps, we are getting accustomed to the new language and pattern of violence. Are we vigilant enough to preserve the constitutional values and secular fabric of the country? We, the people are transmogrifying into We, the insane, mindless, morally corrupt mobs. It is really sad that the meat in the refrigerator is investigated more than the murder and so it’s time for us to reflect and ponder. The paper focusses on the causes of mob frenzy, incidents of violence and the need for stringent laws that could bring the situation under control. Keywords: Leaders, lynching, mob, vigilantes, violence.