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Water Management Simulations, Computing and Virtual Reality of Research Results

Hydraulic simulation models are usually computationally intensive. The security of its own processing power sufficient for simulation in real time in the event of a threat to the population is uneconomic because of those performances are in time without compromising the unused. It is therefore a more appropriate solution is to use cluster, grid or cloud-based computing, which is the modern trend of high-performance computing. Cloud computing is unlimited computational feats rented from a cloud service provider and paid according to actual utilization. In our institute we are interesting in high performance computing and before cloud, grid and cluster computing [4]. For execution in water management in Slovakia we are using system Epanet. In our environment all execution process and simulations process together with the Epanet system are ported to the Grid or Cloud environment. After computing, execute research results are waiting on the storage element for a next process – Virtual reality and 3D visualization of research results. For the purposes of the 3D display of the results of scientific simulation in water management was designed a 3D digital model. Calculations and simulations of different scenes were counted in the environment of Epanet. Then the process is a 3D display of the results of these calculations. To the visualization we have developed 3D Visualization Tool (VT) for displaying and working an environment of the Arc Scene - system ARCGIS. This paper describe the developing and using the 3D visualization tool for water management in Bratislava and surrounding. Index Terms - High performance computing, Water management, Grid Cloud, 3D Visualization Tool.