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Ground Heat Exchanger Charecteristics for Different Geometry and Working Parameters

The GHE are used to exchange heat energy between the ground and the working fluid. At a certain point of level in ground the temperature remains constant and so with the help of constant temperature we can able to maintain a steady temperature above the ground level also by circulating the working fluid all around the pipe. This GSHE system can be used to boil or cool water. The aim of the project is about to analyze the working conditions i.e., heating and cooling operations separately and to quantify the performance of two types of ground heat pumps. In this case I considered U-tube and multi-tube type ground heat exchanger. The behaviors of these ground source heat pumps are been measured using Ansys Fluent software. The designing of the system is done using ProE software. Keywords - Ground heat exchanger/ Ground coupled/ short term/ long term/ step response/ Comparison/ U tube/ Coaxial type/ Ansys fluent/ simulation/ ProE/ designing.