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Underwater Remotely Control Vehicle [Rov] With Analog /Radio Motor Controllers

This paper aims to explore the controlling methods of underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). An efficient low cost shallow water construction, Design, propulsion of the ROV will be introduced. The ROV presented here performs very well for analog and radio control (RC) modes. ROV systems typically consists of • Structure/frame to stand the under water pressure environment [1] • Ballast to adjust the buoyancy of the ROV under water • Propulsion to provide movement of the ROV underwater • Power to ROV and associated equipment • Control allows the pilot to control thrusters tools, cameras etc. by (Digital, Analog , Radio Control) • Navigation sensors (camera, etc.) for collecting data and information of what the ROV is doing • Payload any tools the ROV carries to achieve its mission such as manipulator, water sampling, etc. • Tether to transmit the data, the power and controlling signal between The ROV and the surface. Index Terms- Key words: ROV, analog control, Radio Control RC